1. Two more title cards for Onckle Grompur

  2. jazzdadbooks:

    Space Horror Zine Pack

    3 ten page Space Horror comics:

    How To Remain Sane In Total Isolation by Nick Edwards

    Back To Sleep by Jack Teagle

    Daemon World Eater by Edward Cheverton

    We will be debuting this zine pack at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair tomorrow, very limited numbers so come early!

  5. Two super human bionic kung fu champs of Burbank MYKE CHILIAN and DAVE GEMMILL storyboarded last week’s Uncle Grandpa episode. This is the title card I done drew for it

  6. Uncle Grandpa is back????? (i storyboarded a short at the end of “1992 Called” which is storyboarded by the super-powered Andy Gonsalves and has some amazing voice acting by Ken Marino, check it out online!)

  7. This might seem like satire but it’s actually my idea of heaven

    Drawn for DWELL SHOW https://twitter.com/dwell_show

  8. Title Card for UNCLE GRANDPA 

  9. Another Uncle Grandpa title card. 

  10. Another Uncle Grandpa title card, I promise I’ll hopefully upload some non-uncle grandpa stuff at some point, just been working non-stop recently on things that cannot be seen.

    This is a real good episode. Boarded by Myke Chilian and David Gemmill. Guest starring a famous basketball player that isn’t michael jordan.