1. This might seem like satire but it’s actually my idea of heaven

    Drawn for DWELL SHOW https://twitter.com/dwell_show

  2. Title Card for UNCLE GRANDPA 

  3. Another Uncle Grandpa title card. 

  4. Another Uncle Grandpa title card, I promise I’ll hopefully upload some non-uncle grandpa stuff at some point, just been working non-stop recently on things that cannot be seen.

    This is a real good episode. Boarded by Myke Chilian and David Gemmill. Guest starring a famous basketball player that isn’t michael jordan.

  5. New Uncle Grandporp episode. Cherk it urt! UG TUMBLR

  6. TSHIRT design i did for boy parker. Available with less colours HERE

  7. TSHIRT design I did for Boyparker. Available HERE?!

  8. Hey this little gnome is reaching out to you! Why don’t you send it an email?! Just to be clear, this is my gnome friend sending stuff out, not me, I hate gnomes, but I live with one so I have to support it. More details HHEEEERRREEEEE

    Email sadgnomemail@gmail.com; for access to exclusive comics, short stories, poems and thoughts, hopefully some future physical mail-outs to come.

  9. goodworkthanks:

    Bunch of title cards I drew for Uncle Grandpa 

  10. One of my title cards for UNCLE GRANDPA